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In-Direct type load binders

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In-Direct Load Binder (Low Energy Release Lever Binder)

A mechanical lever device designed to tighten chain for securing a load. This device is such that it stores kinetic energy in the body of the binder, such as a cam so that the handle does not store and release kinetic energy

    • High strength transportation load binders

    • Free 360 degree swivel hooks for easier handling

    • Special handle angle prevents finger trap and allows easy release

    • Drop forged, heat treated for extra strength


Part No. Min-Max Chain Size (inch) Working Load Limit (lbs) Proof Load (lbs) Ultimate Load (lbs) Unit Weight (lbs) Standard Qty/ Box
12039 5/16″ – 3/8″ 5,400 10,800 19,000 9.2 2 pcs
12040 3/8″ – 1/2″ 9,200 18,400 33,000 13.8 2 pcs

  WARNING !!  

    • Never exceed the Working Load Limit

    • Do not operate the binder while you or anyone else is on the load. You may slip or fall risking serious injury or death

    • When applying the binder, always position the load binder so the handle is tightened in a downward manner. Failure to do so may result in a sudden snapping back of the lever which may result in serious injury or death

    • Load binders are designed to be tightened to the approximate Working Load Limit by a substantial hand effort. Do not use a handle extension. Extensions can severely damage the binder system and may result in serious injury or death

    • The operator should at all times use the load binder from a firm standing position that will ensure protection for himself as well as those in the immediate vicinity

    • Load binders are a form of machinery and require periodic inspection and maintenance. Inspect for wear, deformation, cracks, nicks, or gouges before using. Replace if damaged

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